Azealia Banks’ Twitter Gets Suspended

Azealia Banks’ Twitter Gets Suspended

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When talking about artist Azalea Banks, it’s tough to remember much of her material, given Banks’ online history. Her internet squabbles with both VIP and casual tweeters showed how viral negativity could spread faster than good music, seemingly getting more attention than her career. In her latest online controversy, which landed her a Twitter suspension on Thursday (May 12), Banks side-eyed singer Zayn Malik for possibly stealing ideas from her “Chasing Time” video for his new “Like I Would” video (she posted photos on Instagram of instances where she felt both visuals shared similar aesthetics).

After Malik tweeted several responses including “why you been saying nasty things about me? I wasn’t talking about you lol?,” Banks fired off a string of tweets at the former One Direction-er that included racial and homophobic slurs. On the same day, when child actress Skai Jackson said that Banks needed to “simmer down,” Banks turned the vitriol toward the 14-year-old, insulting her body and accusing her mother of “pimping her out.”


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