Hoopz Covers New Issue Of SOM Magazine! @ReadSommag

Hoopz Covers New Issue Of SOM Magazine! @ReadSommag

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SOM Magazine releases its newest issue covered by Hoopz, a reality tv star turns business woman and Atlanta based rapper Ca$h Out, known for his hit single “Cashin Out”.

The music artist section includes features from artist such as: Cooper Phillip, Paloma Ford, Sammie, PJ, Destructo, Problem, Tim Gunter, Xavier Toscano, Snowlab, Dolby, Steve Lieberman, Street Pound Productions, Nate Lesco, Big Sham, Jaclyn Bradley, Autry, Max Cowley, Em Soto, Pablo Skywalker, Danya Black, & Sleeping Lion.

This issue covers entertainment releases, the 2016 A3C music festival, some commentary about Toronto’s music scene, and some interesting business advice from Hoopz.

The Reality Vixen turned business woman, gives SOM an inside look at her upcoming ventures and more below:

SOM: You have a new app coming out right? What is the name of it?

Hoopz: Yes, its called Survival Of The Fittess

SOM: So why did you choose to create an app/game?

Hoopz: Why Not? I got presented with the opportunity and I took it. I also own a percentage of the company. I mean I’m not a genius in that field, but I do have control over the app. Its also really cool, and it will be available Fall 2016 or thats the projected release time.

SOM: You also have a Wine coming out right?

Hoopz: Yes, its pretty much the same thing, it was an opportunity that was presented to me and I challenged myself to do it. The company I have partnered with is based in Atlanta, Ga. and we are starting off with a Champagne for release in the Fall of this year as well.


SOM: What do you look for in the taste of wines?

Hoopz: Adept and consistency. It has to be mellow, strong, but taste good as well. During wine tastings, I think I turned away 17 bottles.

SOM: So what other projects are you currently working on right now?

Hoopz: Well, very exciting probably another reality show! In between picking concepts right now. But it has to make sense for me, it has to be about 5-7 years planned out.

SOM: Did you like reality tv when first got in to it?

Hoopz: I did;t really know back then. We were new, and it was real and unscripted. Like I didn’t wake up one day and say hey, I’m going to be on reality TV, and I’m going to be famous for it. You know, it was more of I tried it and this happen. I think you can wash yourself up so quick, thats why you have to pick and choose what you do.

Read the full issue here: www.sommagazine.com/subscribe

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