Listen: Sarah Claire “Nite”

Listen: Sarah Claire “Nite”

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1. What inspired you to do music and when did you know it was meant to be a professional career?

S: For as long as I can remember, our older sister, Mary Mckenna, was always singing and playing the
guitar. Claire and I have always looked up to her, so it was only natural that we started singing as well.
When Mary went off to college, we started Sarah Claire. Given how organic it all developed, we knew it was
our destiny and that we would be pursuing it for the rest of our lives.

C: Sarah and I are incredibly close with our sisters. One of the best aspects of our bond is my family’s
authentic taste in music. It is a huge source of inspiration. It also assured me that we were destined to
sing. We made every effort to sing at local talent shows and performed at the Special Olympics several
times. There is genuinely nothing like hitting the stage with my twin sister.

2. Who would be your dream collaborator, dead or alive, and why?

S: I would LOVE to work with Eminem! I know I may not look it, but I have been rapping to his songs since I
was 8-years-old. There is just something about the way his music tells stories that I really connect to. I
can easily hear Sarah Claire featured on a song like “I Need a Dr. (Feat. Skylar Grey)”.

C: My dream collaborators are easily Amy Winehouse, Nas and Tom Waits. This goes without saying, but
they all write breathtaking lyrics and offer astounding performances. They also hold a great nostalgic part
of my life. It is simply too difficult to choose just one!

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