‘Supergirl’ Casting Superman for Season 2

‘Supergirl’ Casting Superman for Season 2

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Superman is officially coming to “Supergirl” in Season 2, with casting currently taking place for the role of Clark Kent/Kal-El, the cousin of titular heroine Kara Zor-El played by Melissa Benoist.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg released a statement of the news. “Greg, Ali and I are beyond thrilled to welcome Clark Kent and his slightly-more-famous alter ego to the world of ‘Supergirl,’” Kreisberg said. “Superman will be appearing in the first two episodes of the new season and we cannot wait to see who next dons the red cape!”

The iconic DC Comics hero was often mentioned in Season 1 of “Supergirl,” but was only ever shown from afar or backlit to hide his face. The show’s producers frequently expressed their desire to establish Kara as a hero in her own right without needing her more heroic cousin. A younger version of Kal-El (played by Daniel DiMaggio) was seen in a dream sequence, and the adult version of the hero played a small role in the Season 1 finale, but Season 2 will mark the first occasion that the character has been cast for a major appearance.

Now that the show has shifted from CBS to The CW, “Supergirl”  has the potential to cross over with another Super-alum, Brandon Routh, who portrayed Superman in the 2006 film “Superman Returns,” and currently appears as Ray Palmer (aka The Atom) on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.” Superman is currently played by Henry Cavill on the big screen as he has starred in “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and will star in the upcoming “Justice League.”

“Supergirl” Season 2 will air Mondays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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